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Texas Blackland Prairie at The Heard Wildlife Sanctuary
Texas Blackland Prairie at The Heard Wildlife Sanctuary
Plutonium Spray Paint on Yupo
60" x 36"

Image-making using paint sprayed around a form masking the surface may be as old cave paintings. I am thinking here about the handprints on prehistoric caves that evoke the presence of the painter. Similarly, humans leave their footprint on every landscape they enter. Accordingly, my first approach to the Heard Wildlife Sanctuary includes the human forms, and they definitely impact the composition.

Mary Abercrombie and Spencer Dudas are not only the models for the forms, but also the people whose passion and work for the preservation of this tiny bit of Texas Blackland Prairie led me to create these two pieces. Spencer has spent years of working to return a meadow at The Heard to its native grasses. I look forward to seeing spring in Spencer’s meadow, and to creating more art from this fragile and critically endangered ecosystem.