Anne Royer, Artist

A Collaborative Painting by Anne Royer and Logan Larsen, painted to the live jazz of Akira Sato and Ensemble, Arts in Bloom 2016, McKinney, Texas

"From an early age, my teacher and mentor, Gustav Likan, instilled in me the desire to create beauty through color and form, regardless of the subject matter. I grew up in a musical and artistic family, and have always thrived on the synergy of creative collaboration. When I paint to live music, I am a conduit for the expression of sound through color and form."

Anne began her art studies when she was six, attending the adult classes of Gustav Likan at the Art School at Laguna Gloria in Austin, Texas. Mr. Likan's daring work as a colorist influenced her greatly, and he mentored her until his death in 1998. Anne's work also reflects the influence of traditional Japanese art and aesthetics which she encountered during an extended stay in Japan. Anne earned a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts from Austin College and three Master's Degrees from Yale University: Religion and the Visual Arts, East Asian Studies, and the History of Art. She has taught studio art for 30 years, mentoring and preparing students for higher education and career opportunities in the visual arts. She also teaches art history at the Heard-Craig Center for the Arts and at SAIL (Collin College). Anne leads the Arts and Music Guild, and exhibits her work at The Cove, McKinney.